Thursday, September 22, 2011

Most of my updating has been over at Facebook, but with new changes that I just can't get behind (such as I had to subscribe to my own husband's page to see anything in his newsfeed!, and Facebook deciding what each person should find interesting), I'm migrating to Google+, which means I'm probably going to make heavier use of this page again to share photos in the months between website updates. I know I've said it before, but Facebook made it too easy for a while. Unfortunately that's no longer the case.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy busy busy! Sewing up a storm all month. The royal wedding was just yesterday, and today I've finished this:

Basic version, non-appliqued skirt. The bodice is imported English embroidered netting with an appliqued neckline. More pictures to follow.

Also I got a new domain!!! will remain active indefinitely. After this summer, it will forward to the new domain rather than vice versa.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, this has been a long-neglected journal!

In addition to motherhood and a couple moves, I had my own wedding and a couple others. Now my schedule is so busy I can't breathe! Right now I'm working on updating my website, Aria Couture, and have added a Facebook page, Aria Couture on Facebook

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Major update soon

Since my last post, I've given birth to my baby girl. Charlotte was born December 3rd!

My next website update will be a brief one, as soon as I can find the external drive on which it's saved. At some point in the next month or two, I have several items to add. A Titanic Flying gown, a black silk corset, an Edwardian gown (just need to finish the beaded trim on that one), a water birth gown (that ended up not used because, well, when in labor, you really don't care about looking pretty), a Christmas baby dress and a family set of three stockings, and an Eowyn gown.

I've got the Titanic Swim gown in progress (the sizing for it keeps changing!), and a mother/daughter regency set (deliver-by date: February 28th) and two dresses for another little girl (deliver-by date: February 21st) in queue for the next couple months.

March through August are fairly open just two rather simply orders, the Titanic Breakfast gown and Kimono, though I may have a Hermione Yule Ball gown (from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), a Titanic corset, a Don Juan (film version of Phantom of the Opera) custom wedding gown, and a Princess Diaries gown for this later spring and summer.

Next fall and winter are going to be very busy seasons. Two fully-beaded Titanic gowns and two wedding gowns with the entire bridal party for at least the second included. For January of next year, there's a possibility of another Princess Diaries gown.

As I can fit it in, I will continue working on the Titanic Flying gown patterns and work on a line of spring/summer cotton dressed inspired by Disney characters that was inspired by a dress I saw on etsy. The main color for easy dress would be white with the underskirt and top of the boddice/sleeves being a different color.

The Disney-inspired line will be aimed at adults, which adds a challenge. It's easy to get away with the princess elements for a child's dress. Adding most of these elements to an adult's dress makes it look like...a child's dress. I've completed the Belle dress (though it's not blue or yellow!), and have the Ariel designed. They'll all be very similar in design, easy to tell they're part of the same collection, with the main variations being the skirt and waist embroidery. I've got ideas for Pocahontas, though am still utterly clueless about Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Tatiana. I still need to see Princess and the Frog, so that may help with the Tatiana dress. Jasmine and Mulan seem like they'd be easier to design by studying a bit more about the garb from the countries those stories take place in, though this would require walking a fine line between inspiration and having people froth at the mouth at me for misappropriating a sacred detail or something, though Disney already did a good enough job at slaughtering the garb of those countries. But Disney parks are fun, so it seems Disney is let off the hook in a way I wouldn't be.

If the potential orders come to fruition, then I likely will not accept orders for gowns more complex than fairly basic gowns for the next year. Without a baby, I'd be fine packing my order schedule to the gills. But I've got to have enough time for my little girl first. Her care is more important than anything, so most sewing will be done when her daddy is home, cutting down the hours I can reliably sew in half.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A couple finished Wendy Darling dress pictures

More details will be on my site later. A couple pics for now.

Blue buttons close the back, nearly identical in shade to the ribbon.

Wendy Darling gown

For some reason, etsy wouldn't send messages with these images attached. I'm guessing they're too large? I don't know. Blogspot shrinks them if they're too big or something. Regardless, they've uploaded here.

This first one is the front of an unfinished gown. It's taken at an angle, which I didn't realize at the time made the neckline look crooked. Straight-on, it's not.

This is the back, before buttons.

And the right sleeve.

These pictures were taken before hemming and buttons, and the ribbon was just tied on instead of tacked into place. Finished photos aren't on this computer, so until tomorrow for those!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Producers has opened to great reviews. I personally saw it together on stage the second night, and there's always a thrill at seeing my name in a program.

I'm terribly lagging in updating my website. Putting together Making Of pages takes a good deal more time than it seems, and I need to do that for both the Titanic Flying AND Swim AND Breakfast gowns. I really prefer to have those pages up before adding pictures to other areas on the site so that, in case the first time someone views something is the only time, that the Making Of is there to be seen. Unfortunately I just don't have time to dedicate to these pages at the moment. Each one takes the better part of a day, time needed for sewing right now. I've got the Infant's Regency Wardrobe to finish, as well as an entire crib bedding set (quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, some decorative throw pillows, though will buy the sheets) to make for my own little girl. Both of those take priority.

Between three making-of pages, a write-up of my time on The Producers (and I realized I never did a write-up for last summer's The Pajama Game either!), three dresses, and a crib bedding set, there will be quite the large update in another month or so from now!

Not to mention I still have several things to photograph and upload to my etsy shop.

As for today, now that I've moved and once again have a dedicated sewing room, I need to unpack it and organize so I can find what I need to move ahead with the dresses and bedding!