Monday, May 18, 2009

Dinner dress

I have not been feeling too well the past couple of days, which is why I factor in time for unforeseen circumstances when giving my estimates of how long something will take to deliver.

So last night and today, as I haven't felt up to sitting in front of the sewing machine hunched over making sure seams are just so, nor on the floor cutting fabric. Instead I've spent some time lounging on the couch beading some chiffon for the dinner dress.

Even when I've researched a film gown to the moon and back, I still will research it some more trying to find anything I may be doing wrong, finding examples by other seamstresses to see what they're doing that I don't do (and to find if they're right and I'm wrong), and seeing what they do wrong, so that I can make my gowns as close as possible without having access to the gown itself or someone who can take pictures for me of everything I ask. I did get pictures from someone who owned one of the original swim gowns, though those were lost in the Great Computer Crash of 2007.

I'm glad I do this. I noticed a detail I have only seen done on one other Dinner or Heaven gown (they're the same dress in different colors), and that is a gown by a Ms. J. Rouch - The sleeves are NOT sheer! The are not set-in sleeves as Ms. Rouch made hers, but the under-fabric of the gown, a peachy coral on the original and a lovely dark blue on mine, is the full length of the sleeves! So I will also do this. In addition I will be adding many more small beads to the bottom of each later under the bottom-most bead/sequin work. This will add time and expense, but it's on the original. My Heaven gowns were back before so many pictures of these details were available, even though more pictures, overall, were available.

So now to draft out a new rough pattern (on paper at least).

In the next couple days, I will finish cutting the girls' skirts, the undermost later of satin, and several layers of pinked-edged tulle, and begin the process of attaching them to the bodices. They will be nearly finished by that point, save for the zipper and floral details and hemming of the satin.

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