Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinner gown, Flying gown, Swim gown, "White wool" gown

I've been on a roll with the Dinner, but am to low on beads. Another layer is mostly finished The rest will be after it's attached to the dress and the exact length of the train is determined. The first part of beading a layer, after rolling the edges, is to bead it with the smallest faceted beads, but I don't have enough of those left to edge another layer. Another bead order will need to be replaced. This gown, by the way, is to be worn for New Year's Eve on the Las Vegas Strip this year!

I have the lapels and skirt decoration for the Flying gown and will get pictures of those tomorrow. It's simply too late tonight and the camera's batter needs to charge. I do not yet have the velvet fabric nor the lace for the jacket, so may go ahead and make the skirt this weekend or early next week.

Well, back to work on the Swim and WW gowns tomorrow or Saturday. The WW is so near to completion. The Swim has a little further to go, and photos ever step of the way on that one.

I'm so ahead of schedule right now that I may just take the weekend off. This has been a long week, just so much going on. Oh, probably not. Sewing is relaxing, but I like to give it my full attention. We shall see.

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