Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eowyn "white wool" dress

It's actually cream in the film, and the one I'm making is velvet rather than wool. So quotes are appropriate.

Well, the finish-date on this dress isn't until this fall, but I'm really just a few hours from completion on the embroidery (done by hand) and braid trim, then a couple hours on the separate under gown. It's unknown whether the under-sleeves are connected to the main gown at the shoulders or is a separate gown altogether, and so I'm choosing to make a separate gown. The belt will be similar, if not the same, design as the Guinevere belt. That thing took a surprising amount of time, several hours. Once I finish the girls' dresses (and I got the colored tulle this evening), then I think I will work straight through on the Eowyn dress and get it shipped out.

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