Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The girls' dresses

The fun part about designing things as I go is the creativity that flows. I'd been wondering how to "floralize" the skirts a bit more, and today at the grocer store, the idea hit me. Naturally it couldn't hit when I was miles away actually close to the fabric store, oh no. That would have been too easy. This is the not-fun part - inspiration hitting when what I need isn't already in my stash. But pink and purple add green tulle just aren't things I've ever had need to keep around.

To I suppose today will be spent finishing cutting the satin and while tulle for the skirts and basting the waist together, and more of the Dinner beading, and I've also been working on some base patterns for girls' dresses, both high-waisted regency styles, complete with the dropped shoulder seams, and regular-seamed plain tops. The short, gathered sleeves, short, ungathered sleeves ad long sleeves for each size can both work with either the regency or plain tops. Later on I'll draft out different collar types. For now, the necklines are closer to the neck and rounded. It wouldn't be difficult to square them off. Whenever I've made little girl outfits, the part that took the largest chunk of time was drafting out the pattern, yet there is very little difference in sizing. It's not like one child's bust and waist may be 2" different while another's is 6", the way it is for an adult. So having these sets of base patterns to start out with will really save a lot of time, and adjustments can be made as needed. I'm making them all to standard pattern size measurements right now.

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