Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Girls' skirts

I trekked down to he worst Joann's I think there is. The employees are absolutely inept. I shouldn't be telling the employee working the register how to process a tax-exempt sale, which I have as I have a resale license and am in their system. But this is what happens almost every time. It's frustrating.

Anyway, I got a new large cutting mat to help with cutting the skirts perfectly straight, though didn't even think about checking out the rotary cutters. I'm a big fan of Gingher brand, and highly recommend them to anyone who sews at all. My pairs have been worth every penny, and then some. So I did just take a minute to find a pair online, and they'll be in my possession within a week, and for less than at Joann's, so I'll deal with cutting the skirts with shears until them. The edges of the tulle layers will be pinked anyway (cut with scissors that cut a zig zag edge).

The petal tulle layers (for which I needed the colored tulle) will be between the white layers to give it a hint of flower in the skirt, a more subtle effect than just having the petals right on top. The silk flowers I was going to scatter on the skirt might be skipped. We'll see. It could be overkill, and I won't want that.

Tomorrow all the layers of the skirts will be cut and the tulle layers pinked, though hemming of the bottom-most layer will definitely be the very last thing to be done aside from detailing. I'll also connect them to the outer bodice. Depending on time, I may also attach the lining layers, which will be done by hand. From there, it will be zippers, interfaced hems, and the details.

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