Thursday, May 21, 2009

The pansy skirt - I'm stumped!

Well, not so much stumped as trying to decide which color to use. This has preoccupied me all day long.

I want the effect of the petals and leaves to be subtle. The skirt is a layer of a heavy bridal satin with four layers of white tulle with the petals and then the leaves (I do think having them on top solves the problem of them bunching between the full white layers). I want it to seem like a pale water color. Originally I used the lighter purple, then started to think maybe it was too subtle, so got some darker purple. The two colors:

Here is the skirt with the lighter petals (the back opening hasn't been cut yet):

And here are the darker ones:

And one of each side by side, lighter on the left, darker on the right:

Which looks better for a dress for a 2-year-old? I must direct her mother here for her input.

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