Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Regency finished

The regency gown is finished, and oh how I love it. My internet is being painfully slow (iPhone on 3G is faster), which is really terrible considering this is Silicon Valley. The internet should be faster here but instead it's going at the sleep I remember dial-up being. Regardless, I'm updating my website offline, and will upload when the connection can handle it.

I am redoing the bodices for the girls' dresses to add angelic sleeves. There won't be a making-of feature for these dresses because I started with only a loose idea of how to make them, and I'd rather save the time taking photos and going back a few steps and taking new photos and use that time to instead actually make the dresses. The making-of features really do take a good deal of time, a lot of stopping at ever step to lay out what's been done and then taking everything back to the sewing machine.

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