Saturday, May 9, 2009

Regency gown hold? Ha!

Well, putting it on hold lasted three days. I've already decided to make it and list on etsy. Today is miserably hot for me. It doesn't help that there is a big window above my sewing area that is too high up to cover with drapes (16 feet to the high point), and the sun is beating it. But I've been plowing away as fast as my over-heating body will let me. Not much is left to do, but my fastest right now is slow.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I do most of my sewing at night. It's cooler then. Much cooler.

The next two things I will work on are the children's flower dresses. The bodices have been cut and assembled.

Pictures of the regency progress will be posted soon, as well as the re-dyed skirt for the swim dress. Once finished, the regency gown progress pictures, more than I'll show here, will be posted on the making-of page of my site. I won't post pictures of the flower dresses until they are finished and have arrived at their destination.

For now, since it's too warm for me to move around going from sewing machine to dress form to ironing board working much more on the regency, I'll be working a bit on beading the black silk chiffon for the Titanic Dinner dress.

Several projects at one? Why yes, thank you. I enjoy this. It's every so slightly stressful, and that keeps me on the ball and makes each finished garment that much more delightful for me.

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