Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Regency gown update and Titanic Swim gown

Updating this blog has slipped my mind!

Well, the regency gown is not going to work once I show a bump at all. So it's on hold until I decide whether to still make it for myself, or to put on eBay or etsy.

I re-dyed the skirt of the deluxe (but trainless) Titanic Swim dress. I decided the colors can be a little closer to the film. It's in the dryer right now while I figure out where I put the silk for the bodice. All my Swim gowns are 100% washable. As the silk is washed and dried twice before I do anything with it, all the shrinking is done. Yes, this costs little more in silk, as well as takes a few more hours. But it's worth it to deliver a quality product that won't leave the wearer panicking over a tiny spot of food. To my knowledge, I'm the only seamstress making these gowns so available who takes this step.

Since I simply don't have the space to bring out my embroidery machine right now, I will have to outsource the embroidery of the lapels and skirt detail for the Titanic Flying dress, and I really don't want to have to. However there isn't anything else I can do right now. Once those pieces come back (another month or so), then I will begin a making-of page for it. This one was specifically requested to not be silk for allergy reasons.

I'm working on a few ideas for a maternity version of the Titanic Breakfast gown as well right now to possibly make this summer.

I'm also working on some designs for a children's line while lacking the space to roll out the several yards of tulle I need to be able to make dresses for three very special little girls. I have to figure out a way to properly cut this tulle, to make it even and pretty, so that it looks right. In the next week or so I will assemble both bodices. I am quite angry at my state for still delaying tax refunds. This has hindered a much-anticipated trip to see these angels this month.

Another Guinevere belt will be made as well, to go with the Eowyn gown that's in progress, rather than a metal belt. That one I made already truly is gorgeous, and I have a very hard time sending it. I did buy more of the fabric used however, so I can make myself one at some point too.

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