Monday, June 1, 2009

Flower dresses, Flying dress, Dinner dress, Swim dress

The flower dresses are finished and awaiting shipping, which is likely to happen Wednesday. I can't wait for them to arrive. Pictures after the girls get to see them. They get first looks. :)

Here is the promised picture of the Flying lapels and skirt panels. I couldn't find the dock for my camera until late last night. It was in plain site. Ugh.

I will probably go ahead and make the skirt tomorrow, pictures pictures. But I have yet to get the velvet. So the tunic will need to wait. The bodice is an inset in every version I've seen. This one will be a separate bodice.

More beads have been ordered for the Dinner gown. I never order enough, even though I always feel like I've ordered too many. This gown does have a date - with the Las Vegas Strip come New Year's Eve! I was there a few years ago. It was amazing, and that's an underestimation! It's not for the feint of heart though. And make sure to either get a room on the strip or get there several hours early to park. Getting cabs out of there is like wishing for snow in Death Valley during the hottest day of the summer.

The Swim gown will be finished by the end of the week after next. I hope to also have the Flying gown finished as well.

So I am aiming to have two completed within the next two and a half weeks while simultaneously working on a heavily-beaded gown and a gown with embroidery. I need to write up a daily to-do list to break it down a bit.

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