Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flying dress lace and Swim gown bodice

Well, the lace for the Flying dress finally got here. But the chiffon for the over-bodice still is on back order.

I was going to take pictures every single step of the way for both, but just sailed through a few steps of the lace part of the Swim bodice without a single picture. I needed the distraction. One of my kittens died this afternoon, after my very old cat died four weeks ago as of tomorrow (he would have been 24 in a couple more months). This has been hard.

A Titanic Elevator gown might be added to the agenda. That could be fun. I made one years and years back, before there were as many pictures on the internet, so all there as to go on was that brief second shot in the movie. It was requested in satin, as that's what it looked like at the time, though the final effect was a bit costumey. Now there's a picture of the real gown available, and it's not satin at all. In fact, it's not even one piece! It will depend on finding fabric (cotton) that will be suitable.

Soon I will stop taking orders that aren't for immediate making, due by October, or due April or later of next year. I don't want to have many orders due around the time my baby is due, or soon after, as I don't know yet how I'll feel, and I'd rather not commit to an order due date if I don't feel 100% confident about my ability to keep it.

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