Friday, June 12, 2009

Jewelry line!

Well, I suppose it counts as a break, staying up all night until 9:30am ordering the components to make the (all Titanic) Boarding earrings, two versions of the Flying necklace, and the Heaven necklace, earrings, and a matching bracelet. Next up will be components to make the (I'll make this a list more or less for my reference):

Elevator earrings (no photos actually exist though, so my design)
Tea necklace and earrings
Jump earrings
Deck necklace and earrings
Breakfast earrings
Flying earrings
Swim earrings

Now...I am not going to touch a bead today, I am not going to touch a bead today, I am going to touch a - shoot. I will. I'm aching to work, and am still waiting for the chiffon for the Swim dress to get off back order (I refuse to buy the pre-dying chiffon, must be natural so I can dye it just so) as well as the antique lace for the Flying gown. The Flying skirt is finished but for the waist band (making-of photos will me on my site soon), and I don't want to do too much more on the tunic without the bodice made to go under it first. My pattern instructions will start with the skirt, then the bodice, and then the tunic, so I'd like to more or less make it in the order I will suggest it.

So I will bead more on the layer I started the edging on yesterday. It's not a day I expect to make much progress, but when it comes to something heavily beaded and sequined, even a few inches at a time really all add up.

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