Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Producers has opened to great reviews. I personally saw it together on stage the second night, and there's always a thrill at seeing my name in a program.

I'm terribly lagging in updating my website. Putting together Making Of pages takes a good deal more time than it seems, and I need to do that for both the Titanic Flying AND Swim AND Breakfast gowns. I really prefer to have those pages up before adding pictures to other areas on the site so that, in case the first time someone views something is the only time, that the Making Of is there to be seen. Unfortunately I just don't have time to dedicate to these pages at the moment. Each one takes the better part of a day, time needed for sewing right now. I've got the Infant's Regency Wardrobe to finish, as well as an entire crib bedding set (quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, some decorative throw pillows, though will buy the sheets) to make for my own little girl. Both of those take priority.

Between three making-of pages, a write-up of my time on The Producers (and I realized I never did a write-up for last summer's The Pajama Game either!), three dresses, and a crib bedding set, there will be quite the large update in another month or so from now!

Not to mention I still have several things to photograph and upload to my etsy shop.

As for today, now that I've moved and once again have a dedicated sewing room, I need to unpack it and organize so I can find what I need to move ahead with the dresses and bedding!

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  1. Hi Aria, my name is Aurora Diaz and I live in AZ. My oldest daughter and I had watched Princess Diaries yesterday and loved the gown Mia wore at the end. She will be having a Sweet16 on New Year's Eve this year and want that dress. I have been searching for that gown non stop and finally came to your site. I was even looking for something similar but I'm glad to find that u can make it. We even liked the Coronation gown since they both have gold and that is her choice of color. In your site I did not find your email or address to contact you. I would really appreciate it for you to contact me so we can discuss ordering. My email is It would work out just great with you living in CA for me to travel to for fittings or whatever it may be. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you,