Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A couple finished Wendy Darling dress pictures

More details will be on my site later. A couple pics for now.

Blue buttons close the back, nearly identical in shade to the ribbon.

Wendy Darling gown

For some reason, etsy wouldn't send messages with these images attached. I'm guessing they're too large? I don't know. Blogspot shrinks them if they're too big or something. Regardless, they've uploaded here.

This first one is the front of an unfinished gown. It's taken at an angle, which I didn't realize at the time made the neckline look crooked. Straight-on, it's not.

This is the back, before buttons.

And the right sleeve.

These pictures were taken before hemming and buttons, and the ribbon was just tied on instead of tacked into place. Finished photos aren't on this computer, so until tomorrow for those!